Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Clio's nursery came together much in the same way the rest of our apartment has.
As in it is a collection of new, used, found, and salvaged bits and pieces
that we slowly gathered from here and there.  

The rocking chair is one we bought cheaply at a flea market and then refinished and reupholstered. 
It is almost exactly like the one they are selling on 
only ours is old, real wood, and cost us in total half of what they sell it for.
The brass lamp we got from a little pop up sale from this lady.  

I made Clio's crib skirt from 1 1/2 yards of hot pink faux bois fabric that cost about $10/yard, I think.   Just simple panels that I used velcro to attach to the bedframe so that I could easily remove them for washing.

The photos are all of family.  I really liked the idea of having family looking over Clio at night, especially her namesake, my grandmother Irene.  She was a pilot and was going to fly relief missions during WWII as part of WASP but she ended up marrying my grandfather instead.  That middle one is her and the immediate one to the left is her with some of the other pilots.  Their flight suit had a high heeled shoe with wings on it.  How very cheeky.

That bucket we use for blankets is this bucket from my youth...

The book shelves are old specimen drawers I rescued from being thrown away at a local college.  Blue warthog was made by my mom, the bunny rabbit came all the way from The Netherlands from our friends Marc and Natalie and their son Sam.

It's probably as close to being finished as it is going to be for awhile.


  1. Love it.. every bit of it!

  2. So beautiful! I'm here from Sew Tara and am expecting my first so this is awesome to see and gather inspiration from :)

  3. Welcome hellesbelles and congrats on your pregnancy. How exciting!