Sunday, December 4, 2011

hot air balloons and rain clouds

On Saturday morning I went to Michael's Arts and Crafts specifically so I could get materials to make my own snow globes like these for Christmas.  I meandered, along with a largely middle-aged group of women, through the aisles looking for what I needed only to, after twenty minutes, not find any of it.  When I asked the teenaged boy employee where I could find glycerin he looked at me dumbfounded and went to ask the slightly-older teenaged boy employee.  Aisle 10, I was told, in the cake decorations. This didn't seem right to me but I went to look anyway and sure enough, no glycerin.

What do teenaged boys know about snow globe making anyway.

So I gave up with only ever finding the glitter that I needed.  I figured I would just put our Amazon Prime account to task and buy the stuff online.  Online is awesome.  But I couldn't leave without something to do over the weekend so I bought some paper mache balls, some wooden dowel-ish things, and blue and white clay.

This is what I made:

A miniature mobile of hot air balloons and rain clouds to go over Clio's cabinet.  My mom is currently in the process of knitting hot air balloons to go over the crib so I though it would be fun to make my own (much less cool and labor intensive) version.

I also finally finished Clio's room so I could enter a contest on Apartment Therapy's Oh Dee Doh site.  Of course, I submitted it on the last day and I'm not sure if I'll get accepted.  Sometime this week I'll post the entire finished product.  It only took nearly four months to complete.


  1. What a lovely little mobile, I love the idea of hot air balloons. I'll have to post a picture of the bird mobile my sister made J one of these days.

    Bizarrely, I was also looking for glycerin just the other day! To add to play dough. Couldn't find it anywhere and had to pinch some from my mother in the end.

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome. I like the whimsical feel of the hot air balloons.

    Once I pull off the stapled cardboard from Stella's windows, I may be up for doing more of this kind creative stuff. :)

  3. Look how fun!

    Love all this stuff you do. :)

    Cathy in Missouri

  4. That looks fab! I think you can find glycerin in the grocery store maybe? Or am I thinking of gelatin? I don't know. Either way you're WAAAAAAAY more crafty than I could ever hope to be-love it!