Saturday, September 24, 2011

let's get this party started...

I've got a husband who I'm in love with, a baby who I adore, and a pretty rad apartment in the big city.  The only bad part?  I've also got a job that I don't particularly love.  So I've made the decision that if I can't do what I love -oh student loans thou hast killed me- I can at least love what I do when I'm not slogging away at work.  Hence, The One Year Lease, a place for me to chronicle the things I love.  Cooking (more truthfully, eating but you usually can't have that without the cooking part unless you are made of money and if you are made of money then you better not tell anyone because people will try to steal you), thrift store shopping, furniture restoring, interior designing, arting, photographing, crafting, etcetera, etcetera.

So onwards and upwards.  Let's start the show.  Tally-ho and stuff.

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